Another semester starts at Binus University! Wow! How time flies! In this post here are some suggestions to help you get started the right way!

ATTITUDE. Success begins with your mindset. If you can start out with a positive, determined mindset you will be well on the way to success. To do this, it is a good idea to spend some time alone thinking about your study goals and how you want to behave. You should also write your thoughts down. At the end you should have a list of goals and affirmations (these are statements about how you behave). Have fun with this!

HABITS. This is the action part, where your goals become things that you actually do. It is useful to remember that the easiest way to get things done, such as write assignments and prepare for tests, is to set up daily habits. If you keep up daily habits of studying then your life will be so much easier.

PLAN. Another piece of the puzzle is to plan your days and weeks. This is very helpful because if you do not make a plan for your time, then you will end up doing anything that you feel like. This usually means watching YouTube and playing computer games.Such activities might be fun and easy, but they do not help you to get any noticeable results.

GEAR. Finally, make sure that you have the gear you need for your study. This is an ideal time for shopping therapy! Shopping for notebooks, pens etc. is actually fun because there are lost of attractive products that you can buy. Indulge yourself and buy some nice stationery that you want to use. You will probably need a time management programme for your computer. MS Outlook is perhaps the most well known, but try to get something that synchronises with your phone and computer. That way you can input reminders as you think of them using your phone and they will also be recorded on your computer.

Here’s a mind map that summarises these points. Let us know how you are getting ready for the new semester in the comments below: