As a student at BINUS you can expect to be asked to suggest ideas for products and services that might have commercial value.

In today’s crowded world, where there are millions of products and services available, this is not always an easy task. Here are some tips to help you:

Firstly, take comfort in the fact that nothing is really new! In fact there is a strong chance that someone has thought of it already! This is normal because ideas are like noses; everybody has one! Here are some questions that will help you generate ideas:

  • Can I take an existing idea and make it better in some way? (e.g. faster/ easier/ cheaper)
  • What problems do people have? How can I solve them?
  • Can an idea from one area/ industry be copied and applied in a different area?
  • Can two ideas that already exist be joined to make a new product/ service?

Good luck and keep trying!

Here are some photos of English Department students introducing their ideas!