Written by Carvia Sances

Why should people save money? Why should people be dying to save them when they can exploit them to make themselves satisfied? What happens if people do not want to save money? Tons of these curiosities are being questioned, even posted by juveniles on their personal social media account nowadays. They spend their money for reveling on the useless stuffs, living a luxurious life style while the finance condition is really strained. Juveniles even use a slogan “You Only Live Once” to excuse their wasteful behaviour. It is not mistaken that human beings are necessary to enjoy their life while they are still able to. Nevertheless, there must be an explanation on why the elder and the financial expert always notify us to save money.

O’Neill (2009) stated, Money storage allowed people to relax their mind, because they will have back-up when they are in the situations) that force them to use the financial storage that people themselves can not easily prepare in a short term of time. Back-up finance is well-made if people saved money, because humans do not have such ability to detect what time and how much the financial pressure might force them to exploit their money. Just like the wisdom words say “Make Hay While the Sun Shines”, people are bound to prepare before the situation forces them towards the edge.

People are necessary to be more intelligent in using money to make sure that their future might be guaranteed. By saving money people could avoid buy useless objects and turn to utilize it on the more useful ones. Such as buying houses, some investments, or even save for their posterity. Therefore, they might not be having a hard time. Spending the money on these kinds of things is a lot better rather than use it on useless things, people can take a lot of advantage by spending the money on investments. For example gold, the value of gold is always changing and growing, and when it is being sold, the money can be several times more than in the first time it was bought.

In contrast, following what is prevalent is something that mostly young people pursue now. They love being up to date. However, the consequence for being up to date is becoming a wasteful person. Almost everything needs money, and for the “trendy” stuffs it probably be automatically more expensive. The “poor” followers might be brave to steal or do another criminality just because they want to be up to date.

It might not be hard for everyone to save money, all everyone needs is a better financial management and get their desire controlled. Bryan (2013) shared his way to save money on an organization blog. First is set our intention to motivate us to save money, second is to make a plan such as setting our expenses become 50:50, 50% to use and 50% to save. Making a list on the things to be bought is also a great plan to organize the expenses spent.

In conclusion, there is no excuse for those who cried in being poor because of their wasteful behavior, because financial management is easy to do if they are indeed sure to do it. Perhaps, some of the young people nowadays will feel embarrassed if they are not up to date. Nevertheless, borrowing money for the rest of your life is more embarrassing. Therefore, save the money or invest them in more useful ways, and do it while we are still young.