Written by Deviana Wijaya


Stop browsing and prove it!

You don’t need time machine to experience the colonization period in Jakarta.

Let’s complete your life story in the historical Fatahillah Museum!


Every country has its own history. Indonesia was colonized by other countries for many years including Jakarta and its surrounding. Jakarta was called as Batavia since the Dutch came and took over the city. In the Dutch colonization period, Fatahillah Museum was functioned as their town hall, court, and jail. In 1968, a long time after the independence of Indonesia, the building finally became the official Jakarta History Museum. The Fatahillah was named after the founder of Jakarta . Located in the Old Town, West Jakarta, Indonesia, there are 3 reasons why this place is worth to get the ‘must-see place’ predicate.

Awakening the spirit of nationalism

The Secret Mysteries to discover

Besides treasuring many histories and experiences, this museum also has many secrets and mysteries about the colonization period. There are many antique furnitures that still in good condition in the second floor of the museum. Those furnitures are the silent witnesses which have a lot of stories behind them. The architechture itself has a lot of secrets as well. To reach the second floor, you have to go through an old yet solid stairs. Then, you will get the old view of this building like everything is in black and white filter. The first one is the wooden floors come up in variant lengths because the building was being renovated before. The original one with full length so long as the room’s width is located in the corner of the meeting room. In the next room, there are windows at the left side of the room. It was the usual spot for the Dutch to see the excecution punishment for prisoners. Lastly, the presence of a big and wide antique mirror which can be seen when the first time you enter the room. The existence of it still gives a question mark in many people’s mind. However, it does give a strong aesthetic element to the room. After going to this museum, you will never think the same like before and change your perspective about Jakarta.

The authentic mystical vibe

Many bloodshed happened in the colonization period, when Indonesian patriots fought for our beloved country. All those histories happened right at the Old Jakarta. Fatahillah Museum is one of the heritages. The Dutch arrested many Indonesian patriots who didn’t follow their rules and put them into the basement jails: for males and females. Behind those iron trellises, uncoutable people died tragically there. The first surprising things that will be seen when you step your feet on the females’ jail entrance are a banned door and an aged rusty bathub. Where is the jail? The jail is in the basement right in the corner of the room. It cannot even be called as a jail, it is the pool of hell. The basement is filled with water approximately 1 meter depth. Many women prisoners died in that damp place due to the coldness. Not far from the females’ jail and still in the basement, there are males’ jails. There’s no water this time, but the punishment of the jail still could make the prisoners felt like in hell. You can find many ankle weight balls that we usually find in the movie, so that the prisoners couldn’t run away. The jail is only 1 meter height, 1 entrance door, and 1 window for the light. Their suffers were real. You can even imagine their screams and despair when you enter the jails. Are you ready to feel the mystical vibe around you?