by Sherenna Aurafani Rumaiza & Puspita Ayu Alifah
From Glides Volume 15

When it comes to New Year, people around the world have so many different ways to celebrate it. In some places, the ways they do it are quite…well, weird and unusual.

Nevertheless, no matter how weird and unusual they are, it is always interesting to know that there are many more than just fireworks out there. In fact, the differences show how diverse the cultures are on this very beautiful mother earth. Here, we have made a list of some of the most interesting New Year celebrations from countries around the world.

Denmark: Denmark celebrates New Year by breaking plates. They keep all their old dishes and plates until the 31st  of December, and they will break them at their friends’ front doors as a sign of friendship.

Spain: In Spain, grapes are the New Year’s tradition for good luck. If someone can manage to stuff 12 grapes in their mouth at midnight, people believe that the person will achieve good luck for the next year. Each of the 12 grapes signifies every month in a year.

Switzerland: Unlike people in Spain, the Swiss don’t eat their treats. Instead, they drop their whipped cream onto the floor so that it will bring them prosperity in the coming year.

Colombia: Colombians believe that carrying their suitcases around with them all day long will allow them to travel more in the incoming year.

Italy: Italians wear new clothes to celebrate New Year, and they will give each other gifts to symbolize something specific to the receiver.

Again, it’s more than just fireworks. We live in such a diverse world and it is fun to live in diversity. Let’s embrace it, and may we live in peace. Happy New Year!