by Yael Engineta
From Glides Volume 15

Time flies, soon we’ll be writing 2018 instead of 2017.  It’s crazy and a little frightening to think that this year is already nearing the end. Lots of thing happen everyday, making us think that there is not enough time to get everything done. All those unfinished New Year’s resolutions might still be haunting you next year, and you can barely recall what 2017 was like. However, there’s still enough time to squeeze in those last-minute to-dos to end the year with a joyful, content, and regret-free heart.

Sticking to some resolutions or bucket lists may be a challenge, as it requires motivation, perseverance, and resistance.  Well, it seems quite difficult, but it’s not something that is impossible to do. The end of the year is actually a great time to wrap things up and start making new tasks, lists, or resolutions. Consider these 4 tips that will make it easier to finish all the things you want to do this year before it finally ends:

  1.     Focus on goals you really care about.

If you don’t even start out with a strong desire to keep your resolutions, there’s no way you’ll manage to keep motivated. Take time to ponder why you made those resolutions in the first place, and what you actually want to achieve. Also consider the loss for not achieving those goals.

  1.     Focus on goals you believe you can achieve.

Believing that a goal is achievable is vital. This doesn’t mean that you should only set easy goals. Almost everything worth doing is going to be challenging, and you’re likely to face obstacles along the way, so set goals that you have no doubt you’ll eventually reach.

  1.     Identify the reasons you might fail

One of the best way to avoid a failure is by anticipating it. First, focus on your goals and why you want to achieve them, and then turn your focus to the obstacles standing between you and all those goals. Once you’ve got a list of all the things that might make you fail, you can guard yourself against them.

  1.     Set a time to check in.

Most of the time, the burst of motivation fails as we slip back into everyday life, until in the end we completely forget about our goals. If you really want to keep your resolutions, periodically check the progress. See how far you’ve come, and see how many things you haven’t done yet. Of course, start doing the unfinished ones right away afterwards.

So pals, are you ready to crossing off the bucket list in 2017 and stay motivated throughout 2018?