Homey Holiday by Devi Yulia
From Glides Volume 10

The holiday season has finally come! It sure is one of the best times for anybody who had spent their days studying away or working hard for that extra credit. This period is also the moment where flights are fully booked and hotel rates get ten times more expensive.However, the holidays does not always mean going somewhere else with luggage or bags. You can still spend the holidays in or around your home without losing the exciting essence! Check the tips below for spending your homey-holiday!

  • Read and read, a lot!

In this digital and modern age where almost everything has been modified into softcopy versions and can be accessed easily through the  gadgets in your hands, this option might be very good for you to enjoy your homey-holiday! Reading does not always mean buying novels or comics. You can read anything—news on your Facebook timeline, lifestyle articles on Flipboard or maybe some historical moments from your sister’s history book. Take some time to expand your knowledge from this positive activity, and by the end of your holiday, you may notice that you have better knowledge than your friends or colleagues!

  • Learn some new skills!

The holidays are  a great time to spend on self-improvement, and you don’t exactly need a teacher or instructor to do this. Thanks  to the internet, you can access many tutorials or instruction videos easily according to what you are looking for! Do you want to cook French cuisines or know how to sew your old garments into a classy outfit? Perhaps you are curious on how a wooden table is  made? Yes, just grab all the materials needed and devote yourself to this seriously. Who knows that maybe one day your skill gets recognized and you achieve a golden opportunity?

  • Owning  a pet? Why not?

Pets can be a better friend than  humans themselves . If you like those cute companions—cat, dog, rabbit, turtle, fish or any other pets, you can adopt or buy them from a pet store nearby. Make sure you have talked this through with people at your house, and when they grant you the approval, get to the chase! Raising a pet may be quite difficult and challenging at first, but if you are really serious to do this, you’ll be able to create your best friend right at the comfort of your home!

  • Exercising is a must!

All people know that exercise is good for keeping you healthy and energetic, so why don’t you consider to do this during your holiday? If you hate running on a treadmill, you can jog or take a lap around the track outside your house. You can also get a bike and ride  further from your home to enjoy fresh air in the morning. If you really don’t want to go outside, grab a yoga mat and turn on some training programs on your TV. You have many choices to move your body no matter where you are, so keep being active!

  • Making money as a plus-plus!

Who says that when it comes to the holidays, there are no people working? Instead, all those restaurants, cafes, tourist destinations, hotels, and many more places where people gather are still open to serve the customers. The best thing is, they might need a hand during this hectic time! You can work part-time or full-time, according to your needs, and then earn some money and great experience, too. Or, if you don’t want to work for others, you can set up a stall outside your house and sell some food you make or your old belongings. But make sure to talk with your local council first so that you can be allowed to do this!

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you decide on how you want to spend your homey-holiday. There will be no boring staying-at-home, and say hello to the exciting holiday season!