It is funny somehow you do not believe that you can do beyond your ability. The whole process
took me for almost 5 months. At the beginning, I did not know that I would go for a journey this
far in my entire life.

What I learned about Americans they are stick to their routines, this is very convenient. Most of them are very predictable, everyday I was able to tell someone’s activity for real. They do not talk too much, they speak up important things only especially when it comes to lecture at class it was very silent, almost half of the student participated which is good. The student there  care more about their education and responsibilities. They respect people. they do not judge people, and freedom is their main thing. Does not matter wherever you are from around the world you will be always treated well.

I was all excited when I decided to join this exchange program, and yes it was all great experiences until never crossed my mind if I did this there would be a good bye to the ones that has been really nice, helpful, care for you. This was because at first i do not know that this experienced ended up so great, I adjusted very well in United States I do not know how to explain I just did. Some of my friends asked me to stay longer, it was very sweet of them wasn’t it? That means they wanted me to stay, so they like me that is a great news for myself.