Written by Gabriel Grace


Humans are living in the world where people bully and get bullied. According to an anonymous (2014), “Cyber bullying happens for many of the same reasons as any other type of bullying, but it may be even more appealing because it can be done anonymously.” Cyber bullying is an action of using the social media technology to bully others and in main cases, it is used anonymously. By using cellphones or any other devices, such as computers and tablets to connect to the internet, a large number of individuals have been spending their time bullying other people. Cyber bullying may not harm somebody physically; instead it may harm them mentally.

According to another anonymous (2015), there are two kinds of people who are likely to bully; the socially active people and the socially inactive people. It is said that bullying results in an upgrade of confidence, thinking the control is on the hands of the bully as it is also the main reason of why socially active people may bully other people; it makes them feel powerful as it is also a way to maintain their popularity. How about the socially inactive people? Socially inactive people may bully other people as it is a chance to fit in and to prove that they are not weak and that they are compatible with their surroundings. Like the socially active people, bullying also makes socially inactive people feel powerful.

The exact reason of why people do cyber bullying is unknown. Revenge motivated some individuals to do cyber bullying. Being victims of bullying in daily lives make them think harassing other people is only something that is natural as some people deserve to be bullied. Occasionally, it is not enough. Some say they would start to find new targets that seem to be weaker than them. Some individuals would bully only to boost their egos. These individuals simply harass others to entertain themselves and their friends who might also a bully for a high chance, not scared of getting caught as these individuals believe they will not. Attention is what some people want. There is a chance they did not gain it from their family; some are suffering from a family conflict. Most are starving for the recognition of being powerful figures. Being an arrogant one is; some bully to remind others of their social status which they believe are lower than theirs. Some do it because the people around them are doing it as well. It is said that kids see it as a trend. If one does not do it, others who are doing it would think that the ones who are not doing it are incompatible with them, another reason for them to bully the ones who are not doing it.

Like any other type of bullying, the effects of cyber bullying are somewhat the same. For people who are doing cyber bullying, a bad reputation in the future is waiting for them if they get caught. Since cyber bullying is also an action of bullying, there is a law for it and the victims may report the case if they have enough proof. As for the ones who develop cyber bullying, they become stressed. It would lead them to do negative things and one of them is abusing alcohol intakes or even drugs. Teenagers would skip school as they are unwilling to attend it and meet people, feeling it is tough to communicate, instead, others might laugh and pick on them. They start to doubt everyone, accusing and judging people one by one. They would lock themselves in their room or worst, they would try to attempt suicide.

Cyber bullying is a great danger to the society. It causes harm to people and results negatively for, both, the bully and the victim. It is said that cyber bullying is a serious worldwide issue and that it needs to be resolved. If they cannot do cyber bullying anonymously, they will go as far as they will face claim other people only to do cyber bullying.