Written by Michael Ronaldo

Sometimes you might wonder what kind of wonders Indonesia might have beside its marvelous beaches, magnificent mountains, and of course its exotic tradition. There is also another form of Indonesian attractiveness, which you can find in its Cultural Festival. Indonesia is known for its culturally diverse society, which creates a colorful social and cultural pattern in its society. One of the colors that makes it even more beautiful is Indonesia’s Cultural Festival. However, some festivals are considered too traditional or too ethnic. Don’t worry, if that’s a problem for you, then this essay have just the thing for you. In Bali, there’s an annual modern and traditional cultural festival. The name of the festival is Sanur Village Festival. This essay is going to describe to you the details of Sanur Village Festival, starting from when, where, why, and how it is celebrated.

Sanur Village Festival is an annual cultural festival that is held in Segara Beach, Sanur, Bali. This festival was created with an aim to strengthen the solidarity of the citizen of Sanur. Through this festival, the YPS (Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur) hoped that it will be a festival that could bring the citizens of Sanur together and also to increase their tourism attractiveness. So far, this festival has had a big impact on local economy, giving people chances to create new business opportunity. The festival itself is centered on the culture of the agricultural society of Sanur with some addition of some local cultures involved. 2005 was the first year of which this festival was held and since then, Sanur Village Festival has brought forth many new changes which mostly is good to the people of Sanur. Until today, Sanur Village Festival has been considered as a major success in helping Sanur tourism business. Since 2005 the festival has been getting bigger and bigger through its ability to attract many interests from local and international tourists.

This year’s festival will be held in September, lasting from the 24th until the 28th. As always it will be full of traditional performances and many cultural attractions for tourist. There are also some water sport activities, as it takes place on a beach, and not to be forgotten, some exquisite cuisine bazaar. However, that is only the short version of what is going to happen at the festival. The real festival rundown is filled with various interesting and fun activities. Although this year’s detailed schedule is not out yet, i could assure you that it would be more interesting and even more festive than last year’s. Activities such as body painting, coral planting, cultural parade, cycling tour, releasing sea turtle, and many more are included in the festival’s schedule. Within the five days of this festival, you will be occupied with the never ending entertainments from dawn until the night falls.

As for accommodations and cost, it is suggested that you stay at the Maisonette Area Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur since it is where some of the events will be held and it is the main suggested hotel. The sum of cost that you would need to prepare for this festival will be variable depending on how long you are going to stay and how much activities you are going to join. For a four days and full event participation, it is wise to prepare around more than ten million rupiahs and that is including the hotel accommodation. The entrance fee to the festival itself is free.

Sanur Village Festival is a great festival to attend and enjoy. It could be the kinds of tourist attraction you’ve been longing for. This festival has almost everything. The beauty of the beach scenery, the extravagant cultural attraction, the nature grasping activities, and the festivities of a modern festival with a touch of an exotic traditional culture. Therefore, this is one festival you surely can’t afford to miss, especially when you’re in Bali around the time it is celebrated.