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History About Storm Character

The writer tells that Storm is one of the characters in the Marvel comics. The Storm is a mutant character of the woman who was created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum. Storm character first appeared in comics titled Giant-Size X-Men Vol. 1 which was published in May 1975. Strom is one of the key figures in the story of the X-Men series.

Ororo Munroe, aka Storm was born in the city of New York. Her mother is a daughter of one of the tribes in Kenya named N’Dare and her father was a photographer named David Munroe. When Ororo was 6 years old her family moved to Cairo, Egypt. After some time living there, the family suffered a tragic accident. A fighter jet crashed at home due to the conflict in Suez. Ororo and her family were buried in the rubble. Ororo is lucky survivors of the crash even though she had been orphaned because both her parents were killed. The incident also made Ororo trauma and experience Claustrophobia (fear of cramped spaces).

The author tells as Ororo live alone, Ororo has eventually joined a gang in Cairo and commit various crimes including stealing. Charles Xavier is one of her victims. Erratic life makes brought to a place called the Serengeti. In that place, for the first time, Ororo know the power of self that can control the weather in the vicinity. Currently, Serengeti area hit by droughts, Ororo also bring rain to the place that she dubbed Serengeti population as the goddess of rain.

Ororo strength reached the ears of Charles Xavier who later recruited into the group of X-Men. Xavier also was the one who gives passcode Storm (storm) in Ororo so herself famous with the nickname.

The author believes as a mutant, Storm has the ability to control the weather. She can control the humidity, precipitation, and temperature of the surrounding. In addition, she can also make a tornado. Storm strength was obtained as a descendant of witches in the African region. In addition to the ability to control the weather, Strom was also adept in martial after she practiced with T’Challa (Black Panther) who will also be her husband.

The Differences Between Storm in Comic and Movie

Storm in a comic character, she is described as having the talent with the power to control the elements that govern the strength and weather the storm stands among the most powerful mutants on the planet. A former thief, “goddess”, and the queen, the Storm is a veteran member and mainstay of the X-Men. She is the team’s field leader and the Headmistress of the Jean Grey School and has close like a sister with Jean Grey, aka Phoenix. The ability of the most frequently used and most frequently shown is calling electrical storm to punish her enemies. Besides, she also could fly and be able to manipulate the weather. The writer tells Ororo Munroe is a representation ofa goddess once a fighter, leader, and loner on the other side. Spent most of her youthas a thief who dreams of becoming a goddess, the Storm is a reliable figure of the leader. Although the Cyclops is the official leader of the team X-Men, on many occasions, it seems more fitting Ororo on the position. And that is the image of figureOroro Munroe, aka Storm in X-Men comic.

And the character of Storm in the movie, the writer tells that the character ofOroro Munroe, aka Storm is always portrayed as a mutant with the power that is always reliable when fighting against the Brotherhood of Mutants. However, inthis latest film, Storm will be described a little lost. The Storm is a problematiccharacter and wrong decision in her life. And that is the picture changes OroroMunroe, aka Storm figures from 2000, 2003, 2006 & 2014, played by HalleBerry in the X-Men movie.