An Article Written By Our Students, Cynthia Martha

Let me ask one unimportant but challenging question to all of you who read this:

“How much Social Media applications you use and how often you post or update your social media’s feed?”

Long time ago when I was on my way to drugstore, I was greeted by someone I barely know. He passed by and stared at me for few seconds and ask me this question: “You’re Cynthia Martha, right?” and I was like, “….what?”. Later on I knew that he’s one of my Instagram’s follower and he often sees my post so he recognizes my face at that time, even though I don’t know him at all :/

When we were talking about Social Media, we were talking about virtual existence which later become some kind of proof of our real existence. In this era, when you can send an information to dozens of people in one click/touch (thanks, Internet. We owe you), many social media applications showed up and offers its special features to anyone who download it, for free! Furthermore, one of the features any social media offer you is simplicity to do almost anything: search a place to hangout, tell your friends where you at, sell stuffs and even make a face-to-face call instantly. All the matters that will make you noticeable by the world.  Okay, enough with the blabbering! Lets narrow down to the very first question you see on the beginning.

Since social media gives you a lot of advantages including popularity, of course, but when people are trying hard to gain more and more likes on their pictures, some of them refuse to touch this technology with reasons and excuses. Are you one of them who resist?


Social media are windows and portals for  you for news update, knowing what is up to, connect yourself with friends with unlimited distance and of course share your interest and let everyone know! You can also sell and buy stuffs in some apps, watching you friend eating donuts in a real time and meet (LOL).


Back to social media in daily! Without realizing what you have been posting, lets take a peek on your timeline. We often give too much information about where you are, what you up to or your sexy backless dress that might invite someone to do crime. Not to mention your friends or family who by your ignorance, had been neglected during lunch or coffee break.


The thing is, whether you think Social Media is a huge bless or a burden, you decide it yourself. A note, use social media wisely and do not tell too much information. Social media suppose to make you closer with friends, not vice versa.