An Article Written By Our Student, Deviana Wijaya

Nowadays knitting is not only a hobby for elders, but for the young generations as well. The young generations create a lot of masterpieces by improving the knitting method. However, it is known that knitting is an expensive hobby, especially for beginners. In Indonesia, the knitting tools and yarns are mostly importing from the other countries and only available in malls which makes the prices increase drastically. Once it can be found outside the malls, the quality is so far from the expectation. Well, money talks. Here are some ways which could help beginners to decrease the knitting expense.

Choose the right knitting needles. We have to be very picky while choosing the knitting needles. Starting from the types, sizes, and materials because each of them have different range of price. For the types, it depends on what you are going to make; it can be single pointed needles, double pointed needles, or circular needles. Sometimes, we don’t have to follow the knitting rules which is to use the right needles for the right pattern. As long as you understand the pattern well, then, it can be created with a new method of knitting. Moreover, it helps to improve your knitting skill. For the sizes, the smaller the size is, the cheaper it will be. The ideal size for beginners to start their first knit is size 4. Lastly, for the material, there are many kinds of material: bamboo, steel, glass, plastic, alumunium, etc. It is recommended to use the bamboo one because bamboo is the most traditional and it doesn’t include in the high-priced materials category.

Buy inexpensive yarns with fair quality. Aside from its tools, the most expensive one is the yarn since Indonesia is not a big knitting yarn producer country. The yarn comes in variety materials and qualities as well. It is undoubtedly the more expensive it is, the better the quality is. However, to start knitting doesn’t need to use the best quality yarn. The main point is not the result, but the process itself. An expensive and the best quality yarn will not promise you the best or the better result. Some people often misunderstand about the price and the quality. In fact, many knitters usually choose the yarns based on what they are going to make first than confusing about the quality.

Find some tutorials for beginners on internet. There are not many yarn stores or knitting stores that provide free basic knitting lesson in their stores. They usually offer it after the customer bought something from their stores. However, mostly some knitting stores open classes and people have to pay for every meeting which they attend. It is no wonder that knitting is categorized as ‘an expensive hobby’ since we have to pay for so many things only to learn it. In this technology era, internet is the most powerful source to search anything. You can search the tutorial and learn it by yourself. It is more challanging and certainly save your money a lot! No need to be afraid of failure when you are learning because every knitter must have that experience to improve. Moreover, you can repeat the tutorial videos on the internet for million times without any worry of getting charge from the tutor.

In conclusion, the real principal of knitting is not the budget, but the strong intention and patience. Without them, you will not be able to survive knitting because knitting is not apiece-of-cake hobby as you imagined. Knitting doesn’t have to be expensive, it depends on how you choose the tools and the yarns. However, spending money for something productive is worth it.

Don’t prioritize the result,

yet just enjoy the process!