What would you do if you only have 24 hours to live? What would we really do during the last day we have? Should we just spend the time for ourselves or with other people? Probably people will just spend the entire day having fun with themselves, spend their time with their family and close ones, or just spend their time alone and get depressed or hopeless.

First, people would spend their time for themselves and some people would just waste all the money they have and do all the fun things they should have done on their lifetime, and do all those things to entertain themselves. Most people would normally do this because they feel that they are supposed to find something fun to do to enjoy their last 24 hours they have. Because they only have 24 hours more to live, that could probably be the sole reason to just spend their entire day spending money and have fun with their last day to live. Some other way to have fun alone is to travel alone to other cities or countries.

Second, some people will spend their entire day with their family and close ones during their final hours. This is probably one of the most usual choices to some people. People will prefer to enjoy their last day hanging out with their loved ones rather than just spending it alone by themselves. Basically, it is more fun for some people to spend their quality time with their family. For example, people can go hang out to the restaurants or go somewhere new with their families or friends.

Finally the third thing that would happen if people know they only have 24 hours, they would spend their last day just spending their time alone, and just get depressed about their last few hours in this world. This is actually one of the common choices that desperate people pick to spend their last day. They do this because they feel that they have nothing more to do, this particular response is due to the lack of confidence, and feeling useless in this world. These kinds of people would just lay in bed all day thinking about their last 24 hours, which is actually quite depressing.

As a conclusion, everyone will be sad going through their final hours in this world, but some people would try to cheer themselves up by having some fun, and some would spend their time alone or with everyone they know. But there is some particular case which people often do during their final day, which is to get depressed and feel hopeless. Enjoy your live while it lasts, we don’t know when it will all be over, you only live once.