One fine day I got an email from ISEP, it says “Congratulations!” and the very beginning of the email. The email said that I have been placed in the University of Nebraska at Omaha. This university was my 6th choice. I started to keep in contact with the coordinators from the host university, I emailed them every night since we have 12 hours difference time. Whenever I got confused I asked questions, literally everything.

It was the day I am leaving Indonesia Saturday 13th, August 2016. The flight took me 24 hours, I had 2 stops in Abu Dhabi and Chicago then after i flight to Omaha, NE. I arrived there at 10 am someone picked me up his name is Ali, he is my Global Diplomat, his job was to be a friend and helper for exchange students. That was the most exhausted day in my life ever. It was still summer, and Omaha is really beautiful when it comes to summer.

Before school starts they had orientation for all International Student that goes there to UNO that is what we call our school. The orientation days were everything we do not want to miss it, there was where the school explained about everything, also making friends which is the most interesting part of all. Everything was exactly the same as I saw ones in the American movies, the buildings, the classes, the hallways, the cafeteria, and the people! I could not be more excited!

For me personally, being surrounded by Americans had taught me to be a better person. I realized that even little things such as say ‘good morning’ to everyone, hold the door, and say sorry or thank you all the time. They always act like they are interested with everyone’s stories and being so affirmation about it.

For about 5 months, I experienced 2 major holidays; Halloween and thanksgiving. I am really glad and thankful I adjusted very well while being there. One of my very good friend invited me to celebrate thanksgiving at her house with her family. It was just like in the movies, the houses, the food, and the family was very nice. I, as usual, introduced Indonesia and ask about America too.

What I learned about Americans they are stick to their routines, this is very convenient. Most of them are very predictable, every day I was able to tell someone’s activity for real. They do not talk too much, they speak up important things only especially when it comes to lecture at class it was very silent, almost half of the student participated actively in the lecture. The students care more about their education and responsibilities. They respect people and do not judge people. No matter you come from, you will always be treated well.

I was all excited when I decided to join this exchange program, and yes it was all great experiences until never crossed my mind if I did this there would be a good bye to the ones that has been really nice, helpful, care for you.