We set up an instagram account for our department under the username: @sastrainggris_binus, run by English Department’s Journalism Club.
Go follow us, we post on weekdays:
MONDAY Mistakes
– Learn from your mistakes! This to bring up common English use mistakes uttered/found/heard around us; ranging from the nonexistent words like “Presentate” (it should be “Present”) to incorrect use like “Dateline” when it should be “Deadline”.
– Find tips to survive university here! Ranging from how to stay away from procrastination to how to stay focus on busy days. Also, you can find tips on English language learning.
WEDNESDAY Vocabulary
– Learn new vocabulary here! It can be very random, but random is always fun, no?
Tongue-Twists THURSDAY
– Practice your English tongue by doing tongue-twists every Thursday with us!
Freestyle FRIDAY
– Find new information, event, and what is on in our English Department.