Check out an article written by one of our students, Deviana Wijaya, about our own National English Competition that was held a while ago:
Saturday, May 28th 2016, the Student Association of English Department, BINUS University, HIMSI (Himpunan Mahasiswa Sastra Inggris) held our annual events which were the final stage of NEC (National English Competition) 2016 and a seminar. HIMSI’s foundation is based on the will to develop organizational skills and strengthen the relationship between the English Department students of BINUS University.
The competition’s theme was ‘Escaping Reality’ and had been started since March 14th until May 21st by online in a website It was open for university and Senior High School students all over Indonesia and divided into 2 categories: fiction writing category and journalistic writing category. Unfortunately, the participants of journalistic writing category couldn’t meet our target and it had been canceled eventually. In May 28th, the 10 finalists from fiction writing category of each level were invited to the auditorium of BINUS University, Anggrek Campus at 8 AM to deliver a presentation about their writings within the time limit of 5 minutes. For some people who couldn’t attend the final stage, they were allowed to use SKYPE for the presentation.
After the finalists did the presentation for the final stage, the seminar was started. The title of this seminar was ‘World with Words’ which was about the disclosure of the power of words with Sylvia Lim and Orizuka as the speakers. The seminar started at 1 PM until 3.30 PM and was continued to the winners announcement of the competition.
By holding this competition and seminar, we hope that it could improve and sharpen students’ writing skills and confidence in national level. Besides, English Department of BINUS University could be more acknowledged by people in analyzing capabilities which can support the knowledge in life and be able to develop the solidarity among the students from various schools and universities.