Check out an article written by one of our students, Gerhard Filberto, about a gathering for freshmen of English Department BINUS University.


                Rebirth! Does the name remind or inspire you of something?  Basically Rebirth means to be “born again”, it also means to be somewhat “new” with an all new spirit. Rebirth is some kind of a university event held by English Literature Department’s HIMSI (Himpunan Mahasiswa Sastra Inggris). HIMSI is somekind of an organization in Binus University introduced in 1998 to provide students to join the organization and provide experience in making and working on an event.

Rebirth is meant to be a gathering from all majors and departments, not just in Bina Nusantara University, but also from other universities. A one of a kind event held by HIMSI that has never happened before, this event was the first time HIMSI held an event this big. Rebirth also has invited some various artists, varying from dancers, musician, singers, even stand up comedian. This event was considered big due to the venue, it was the first time HIMSI has an event held at The Breeze, BSD City.

Rebirth is also sponsored by The Breeze, Sinarmas Land, and other sponsors, also supported by several media partners, including Binus TV, Gadiz Magazine and more. It was the first gathering event held by HIMSI which was located outside Jakarta. They not only invited students across Indonesia, but also boarders from outside Binus University and other universities to come and celebrate the gathering. Basically it was a gathering of all students from different majors in each universities, this was the one thing which made it so unique and particular.

Probably, everyone has had the same question. Why was Rebirth so intriguing? Why should they join in this event? Why should they take part in this event? This event remarked as a new day in all university life, this event is a rebirth in all university student’s spirits. They are now somewhat “reborn” with an all new feeling to chase success to it’s roots and get to know other students, lecturers, etc from different universities. After this event, let us all rejoice and  know other people out there, not just from our campus, but also outside, let us all find our success together. This is Rebirth!