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‘Cina Benteng’ is known as the icon of Tangerang. Chinese or Tionghoa is spread across the world and can be found in every country. It is no doubt that Indonesia is a country with many Chinese people. One of those is ‘Tionghoa Benteng’ or known as ‘Cina Benteng’. They live in Tangerang, a well developed city to live and travel. Have you ever wondered what Tangerang has? Secretly, Tangerang has many interesting historical places to be explored.

Pasar Lama, the legendary traditional market

The history of Cina Benteng started in Pasar Lama since 18th century, the first time Cina Benteng people stepped their feet on.

cina benteng 1

Nowadays, it has been upgraded to be a culinary place, yet it is still known as the traditional market. It is believed that this place is the center of Tangerang city due to the strong Chinese tradition that still exists and the best culinary place in the city. There are many kind of foods from different provinces even countries can be found here. The famous and remarkable one is asinan Pasar Lama. It cannot be found anywhere except in Pasar Lama because the taste is undoubtedly legendary. While enjoying the foods, many cafes and restaurants provide the Cisadane river view; one of Tangerang’s attracting places to hold a tradition annual event called Peh cun.

The epic Benteng Heritage Museum

This epic museum will answer all of your doubts about the history of Tangerang and Cina Benteng. Benteng Heritage Museum has won many awards since its opening on November 11th 2011. This museum is believed as the first and the only museum in Tangerang. Aside from getting experiences, there are many lessons that can be learned from this epic place. It is located in Pasar Lama and can be reached by passing through alleys and traditional market. The building’s architechture is unpredictable. The front building and the inside building will surprise you. According to the founder, this museum is protected by a God of education. Therefore, no wonder this museum often be study tours destination place. Not only having tours, you can also hold an event there, such as birthday party, family gathering, or traditional wedding ceremony. Can you feel the vibe of mystery and excitement?

The oldest building in the city

‘Kelenteng Bon Tek Bio’ is well known as the heart of Pasar Lama, Tangerang. Bon Tek Bio is a Buddhist temple where many human-sized candles can be found here. Not only as a place to pray, but a place to be learned and be observed as well. This place is worth to be travelled because you can obtain life lessons from this legendary place. It is open for everyone who wants to visit. Friendly smiles from the neighbors are the jewel of Bon Tek Bio. You would have never been very welcomed and accepted like this in a new place. Bon Tek Bio and Benteng Heritage Museum are close to each other by going through the same alley. Therefore, you may choose where to go first.

The guardiant of the land

It is believed by Chinese people that every place has its own guardiant. In Tangerang, especially in Kampung Cina Benteng or known as Pasar Lama has a guardiant as well. It is called ‘Toapekong Air’.

cina benteng 2

In the dragon’s year, Cina Benteng people do a traditional procession, Gotong Toapekong. They carry the Toapekong around Pasar Lama in order to drive away evil spirits in this world, particularly in Tangerang. Also hoping to bring peace, harmony, and welfare to the society. This event is always be the main attraction for the local people even for people from the other cities.

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