By Seruni Ratnasari / 1st Year student


In this new era where technology dominates the world, children growing up surrounded by technology tend to keep pace with the trend involving technology, for instance, children who forced their parents to buy a new brand of iPhone 6 or Xbox. Those who spend their free time with such technologies tend to be consumed by it. How about the reading culture? Where can children get knowledge, better understanding to some particular situations, and sharpen their imagination? For some parents finding it hard to motivate their children to read, here are some tips that might be useful.

First of all, parents have to take role since the beginning. A story telling is a good idea for starting; it provides a great foundation of life style. Every night before bed, telling a bedtime story for children. Telling a bedtime story is the root for children to start loving book, it expands their imagination to the things children have not seen yet and provides entertainment that are healthier and more interactive than the technology.

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Next, parents could provide books for children that they might like to read. This time, use children’s interests and hobbies. For instance, if children are interested in dinosaurs, read to them a book that involves dinosaurs. This way, children will keep their interests and pay attention. In addition, reading story could also build up children’s curiosity as they will be able to feel that there is more to what it’s already is.

Reading does not have to stop when the book is finished. Parents can talk to the children about the book that they have read or a book the children might enjoy. This way, parents could train the children’s way of understanding and comprehend something or a situation. Ask the children about the events that happen in the book and ask about how the children would react if they were in the same situation. Compliment the children once a while for finishing a book would improve their motivation to keep on reading.

In brief, interest in reading is something one acquires. Reading culture has to be planted since children would have better understanding towards life and it will broaden their minds. Remember, not all children have the same amount of interest of reading. Do not criticize children’s choice of book they read as long as the parents monitor what the children are reading.