By Henny Lina / 1st year student

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Women play a pivotal role in society, from being a life companion to their husbands to being a role model to their children. Women make family, and family makes home, and homes make society. It goes without saying that women are the main factor in building up society. In today’s society where women’s roles are expanding, every woman should be aware of the importance of higher education and empower themselves for several significant reasons.

First and foremost, higher education would broaden women’s perception, and help build a strong character. This means better offspring to come because they would apply these qualities to their children, family, and the world around her. They would discover a way to improve their child nutrition and family general health. In addition, they would be excellent role models to their children since they are capable to educate them mentally, behaviorally, and academically. Brigham Young, one of America’s founding figure, in his inspirational discourse, stated: “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” This saying has been popular worldwide.

Higher education also empowers women. Nowadays women play multiple roles in society. Not only are they wives, mothers, but also breadwinners. Higher education becomes a quality that women should have for they will easily cope with difficulties or tragic moments in life. For instance, when losing a family income, an educated woman would step up and play a backbone. So, it is acceptable to say that to be equally competent is important.

Some people may disagree with this idea since they believe that higher education would cause women care less about their womanhood nature, which is taking care of family and home. They argue that it would also be a threat to men’s identity considering women would no longer depend on men, that of which in turn account for increasing divorce rate. Having said these, they maintain the idea, that higher education for women is dispensable. They have a point to think so, however, statistics and recent studies show otherwise. They found that women’s education was actually linked to lower risk of divorce. The figures below illustrate the evidences.