By Carvia Sances / 1st year student


Globalization demands people to have more than one skill to survive and be connected to people all around the world. Language is one of the most important skills if one wants to expand their connection. However, Nielson (2014) said that the mistake made by people is treating foreign language as the scholastic subject which makes people slower to learn foreign language. It also costs expensive if one wants to learn foreign language by moving abroad or taking course. There are tips for those who want to learn foreign languages but not wanting to spend a lot of money to accelerate the process of foreign language.

First of all, of course loving the targeted language is the first thing to do. Sances (2015) found that one of the reasons why people love foreign culture was started by their love of music. The majority of words used in popular songs are usually the words that native speakers daily on daily basis. Finding the translated lyrics and reading it in the understandable language, by doing so, there will be several vocabularies learned automatically. McCulloch (2014) agrees that listening to music is helpful if one wants to learn a foreign language.

Listening to the native speaker is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate the foreign language learning process. The words, grammar and the sounds of the words of native speakers could become a model for language learners to immitate. However, not all people have such luck to go abroad to study the targeted language. In this kind of case, watching movie is the easiest way to listening to the native speakers ways of speaking. Actors and actresses speak their native language fluently, and it gets learners used to native speakers’ tempo . But without subtitle, it might be hard for learners to understand at the beginning. Therefore, it is said by Drusedum (2014) when the dialogue is too fast, subtitle makes watchers able to understand it easier.


The article in Infographic
The article in Infographic

Watching movie and listening to music are not enough. When learning other language, the learners need a teacher to guide them. Other than teachers, native speakers of the targeted languages are trusted parties to check at the mistakes made and answer the questions asked, because they use the language every day and in the real contexts and purposes. Gary (2014), a language learner, shared that his native speaker friends would correct his mistakes and teach him in another correct way. By downloading language learning application may also another option if you are a tech – savvy.

All in all, an independent learner has to keep in touch or always connected to media. It helps autodidact learner to update what are new language features to learn. Watching movies, listening music, and talking to the native speakers are the methods to learn foreign language easier and free of costs. Additionally it will expand learners’ connection, because language connects people all over the world.