Surviving and Enjoying the University Life

By Melody Kasih


The third and final way of surviving university life is that students must set their priorities. Their purpose of entering universities is to learn in their chosen majors and to earn their degrees. Therefore, it should be listed first in their list of priorities. If other purposes are written before the academic ones, there will be a chance that a student will be distracted from his/her study and may result in a delayed graduation. For instance, if a student spends too much time being with his/her friends until late night, that student might face difficulties in waking up in the morning and follow the lessons, which are being taught.

How to Survive

To sum up, there are three ways which will help high-school graduates in surviving and succeeding their university lives. Generally, university life is considered as one of the best times of a person’s life because at these exact moments, students are no longer considered as merely “children” or “teenagers”, but rather considered as “young adults” who are independent and mature enough to manage their lives. With organized daily activities and balancing both academic and social activities, there is a wide opportunity for one to be able to look back at his/her university times and say in pride, “My university life is truly an amazing experience”.

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