wiwik Andreani hosted a skype teleconference with her Global Learning System ( GLS) partner , Prof. Pei-Ling Yang from Oriental Institute of Technology on Wednesday, June 10. Prof. Yang shared her experiences and practices of teaching English in Taiwan and the unique characteristics of Taiwan language learners.

The opening remarks
The opening remarks with Wiwik


Prof. Yang opened the session by sharing a brief background of herself and the university where she works. Graduated from A UK university in English, she said that unlike in Indonesia, many students in Taiwan are less motivated to improve their English. Therefore, She was pretty impressed with how serious and how determined many Indonesian learners were.

In the Q & A session
During the Q & A session


Having been involved in the Language in Use II – GLS class in a semester, she feels that Indonesian English learners are confident and are keen to take part in online discussions. And some of our students proved that even during the face to face session, they were just as active and determined to learn.


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Grace asking some questions


After a brief introduction, Wiwik Andreani opened Q & A session for students to ask questions directly to our guest of honor. Many students asked intriguing questions that were mostly related with the English usage in Taiwan, the unique characteristics of students learning English and Prof. yang’s personal and professional experiences as a professor teaching English. Prof. Yang answered these questions thoroughly and clearly.

Thank you for the session prof. Yang. [irf]