To ensure that our first year students ready with the  escalating challenges in the upcoming semesters, English department and Student Advisory Center (SAC) held a workshop on ‘ Improving Academic Performance’ on Wednesday, April 8. Taking place in the 150 – seated  Exhibition Hall, the workshop was attended by nearly 100 first year students. With two main agenda, motivating session by Mr. Rufinus Lahur & the launch of Study Guide book, the workshop could be described as  insightful, engaging and hopefully, motivating.


Lining up for the registration
Lining up for  registration

In his speech, Mr. Rufinus Luhur, addressed the importance of being self-motivated individuals who have dreams and would continuously challenge themselves to become STAR ( Indonesian translation : Selalu, Tampil, Ambil, Resiko). The participants seemed to enjoy the interactive – casual session and were keen to challenge our speaker with witty and hilarious questions. On the opportunity, Mr. Luhur also gave away his newly published book entitled “Ende-Bung Karno Encourage You to Explore Dynamic Life”.

Mr. Rufinus Lahur amidst keen participants
Mr. Rufinus Lahur amidst keen participants

After Mr. Lahur’s session,  Yuliana and  Annisa , two counselors from Binus Student Advisory Center (SAC) shared some tips and tricks to become the students that Mr. Lahur was referring to. They stressed  out the importance of keeping in touch with the department and SAC to get the supports they need.

Thank you  for the inspiration, Mr. Lahur!
Thank you for the inspiration, Mr. Lahur!

Before the end of the workshop, our head of department, Risa and her team distributed English department Study Guide book to the students. She suggested that students meet their academic advisers on regular basis.

Mr. Lahur' session
Mr. Lahur’ session

We wish to congratulate our first year students for having passed the first crucial semester of their study and may they be able to continuously challenge themselves to improve their academic performances. Amen.  [irf]