Last Saturday (14/3) I went to play Holi with my friends at Cinnamon Kitchen restaurant, Liverpool Street, London.

The Holi festival is the Indian festival of colour, marking the coming of spring. Like any other festivals, music, dancing, and all the fun stuff are encouraged. The highlight of Holi festival is the colour throwing, and that is what I will share about. I’m going to start with where it’s held. The Cinnamon Kitchen is a fancy Indian restaurant located in East London.It threw this Holi festival for 2 weeks long with basic price of£8 just to play Holi (30 minutes), £15 including cocktail/mocktail& canapé, or £38 for a full package including 3-course meal. We went for the second of option. Here’s the picture of the playground:


Seeing the play area, I thought it’s going to be like Counter Strike at first *too much expectation*. The colour-throwing area happened to be only in that white tent at the back, and this larger part in the picture is the ‘breathing area’. Before we started playing, we’re given this white coverall to prevent more powder go straight onto our clothes – although we’re advised to wear our least favourite ones so that we wouldn’t mind to get colours on. But still. Afterwards, we went in line to collect the powder, into the white tent, and as the music started, we started throwing colours at each other! It was a fun kind of mess! No one lasted for even 20 minutes in there, because of too much powder in the air. As we inhaled and laughed, the colour powder went into our eyes (lucky enough, I didn’t have my contacts on) nose, and mouth. I don’t know what it made of (maybe something organic?), but surely it tastes awful. This is why the breathing area is provided.


The aftermath is “amazing”. First of all, we got to take colourful pictures while made sure the phones were safe from all those colours. Then comes the cleaning time! Loads of tissues and wipes did half the work and later shower did the rest. We decided to leave some colours on our hair, thinking it’s sort of cool. I ordered a mocktail and missed the canapés (was in the restroom when it came to our table). My friend told me that it’s pink when she sneezed, meanwhile I coughed rainbow.


Love from London,