In a program run by Binus TV called Face 2 Face, our very own David Bourne was invited by Alessandro, the host of the show, to have a casual talk show where he was fished out to reveal himself in front of internet TV audiences.  Ales, happens to be an English department student, brought the show in an engaging atmosphere where David revealed his personal and professional life.

Ales and David shared the laughs
Ales and David shared good  laughs during the show

David Michael Bourne is a U.K. born lecturer who has been a part of our teaching, researching and curriculum – designing staff for 4-5 years. David has been in Indonesia for 20 years and has been with different institutions in Indonesia like British Council and many others before joining us in 2008.  During the show, Ales went further by asking David’s childhood life, dreams, school life, and even up to David’s story of meeting his wife.

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