With his role as a  Trainer for British Council, one of our Faculty Members, Irfan Rifai went to Martabe, Batangtoru, Tapanuli to give training to two  groups of  local English teachers on December 27, 2014. Irfan spent two nights in a gold mine company site that sponsored the training and had a wonderful time sharing classroom language topics with the well motivated participants.

Irfan (centered) with the first group of participants
Irfan (centered) with the first group of participants

The training, as it was reported to the department,  was going remarkably well. The participants showed  good initiatives and were keen to take part and tried the classroom practices that Irfan had to share. Even though the session was only lasted for a day, Irfan is hopeful that the participants would get the best of the training and that they would continuously develop themselves. Irfan left his personal e-mail and social media accounts for these teachers to stay in touch.

classroom activity
Classroom Activity

Binus and English department strongly support their academics to share their knowledge for the benefits of the community [ E.d].