By Christine Natalia

Living abroad has given me a million life lessons that I could never imagine before. I generally fancy traveling but things I haven’t learned enough to explore my identity. It all started from an exchange program I was highly eager to do. It took me so much effort to get the experience, in the Czech Republic. Not only that I managed practicing my speaking skills, I also learned what non-existent back in my home country . Living in the west side of the world is not like all the generalization we have in mind. I personally don’t like the idea of idolizing the “west”. Why? Cause we rather neglect our qualification which is, in fact, far better.

Christine at Bata University
Christine at Bata University

I firstly came to an eastern part of Europe that has just risen above from Soviet Union Empire. All I wanted to see was Prague. The magnificent Prague. Then, I completely had no idea that the people are still preserved . I had quite a little struggle with the culture. Particularly, I am just a minority here. Anywhere I have been to, always gives me the urge to set aside my ego. With that being said, I am able to widen my horizon. Deciding on coming back here not as a student anymore gave me all those jittery feelings. I stepped out of the comfort I had in my home country. I came unskilled and inexperienced. My degree was all I had.


Obviously, English language is not the main priority in Europe. Sadly enough, I am incapable of any European language. It took the whole guts  to relocate to an ex communist region . The only possible chance for me is to teach English. Again, my task is to compete with the native speakers. Many of them (the language institutions) disregarded my qualification until I was eventually offered one. I was tremendously thankful. Never crossed in mind that I would have taught English language overseas.

I have learned a lesson which living abroad and leaving the comfort zone out of my life are the steps of having a groundbreaking life. I have become a more determined person with a global mind.