English department is happy to  share that English department drama club  has  elected its   president for the period of 2014 – 2015. Wanna know more of her ? Here is her profile:


The  cheerful, helpful, artistic, flat ( emotionally) , and humble girl was born in Tangerang 19 years ago. For her, to continue the club leadership is a proof of her love of the club and her plans to improve the club that she dearly loves. She expects the club to more productive and better.

Nabila has become the third president of the history of the club. After years of its establishment, the drama club has produced a number of remarkable  performances. Started in 2009,  the first production of the club was a collaboration between lecturers and students. The title of the performance was “The Fall of Men” and was directed by Ivan.

The Fall of Men : Back Stage
The 2009 production backstage : The Fall of Men

Followed by Productions like Charlie, Masquerade, the War Bride, Rosalia and many other titles, the drama club has shown its consistency in producing talented playwrights, actors, directors and production crew.





With the full support of the department, we really hope that drama club will only get better, stronger and produce more quality productions in the future.

Congratulations Nabila! Long live Drama Club!