Binus has always been committed to improve the  quality of  people, innovation endeavors and excellence.  For that reason, after  some  quality – related awards that Binus has been granted, Binus is taking a step further in joining Indonesia Quality Award (IQA). The award uses  7 scoring criteria which are based on Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence (MBCfPE). On October 29, Binus welcomes a team of assessors coming to visit Binus university to conduct field evaluation activities. A team of English department was invited to have an interview session with one of the assessors.

IQA session

The IQA assessor asked a few questions to a group of Binus lecturers on our university’s programs and commitment on people’s development, innovations and excellence in operations and lecturer’s welfare management. The discussion flowed really smoothly and in conversational atmosphere that laughter and jokes were continuously shared during the  one and a half hour session.

The English department strongly supports all endeavors and commitment of Binus university to maintain quality towards World Class University in 2020.