English department is very lucky this semester as three prominent figures in each of their field has agreed to take part in our Global Learning System ( GLS) . Global Learning System is an initiative taken by Binus to involve  Industry or practitioners to join both our virtual and face to face sessions. Binus expects that students will get fresh feedback and experience from the field.  Here they are in random order.


Wendi Putranto, Gietty Tambunan & Finita Dewi

Wendi Putranto, the executive  editor for Rolling Stones magazine Indonesia is the first to nod his head on the invitation to become our partner for  Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication class. With his vast experience working with people of different background, we believe that Wendi is just the right person that students can refer to.

The second person is Gietty Tambunan, M.Hum,M.A.,Ph.D. She is currently head of English department at  University of Indonesia.  With her expertise in cultural studies, we strongly believe that Gietty will help open the perspectives of our students from different angles.

The third person, is an incredible person who has traveled around Indonesia and Asian countries to give trainings on technology and pedagogy. Her name is Finita Dewi, S.S.,M.A. She has been presenting  in many international seminars and workshops and made a name for herself for  what she has done best. And for that reason, we invited her to take part in our Classroom and Media Resources management.