Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunities of having diverse scholastic views from professors and instructors from Binus faculty of Humanities? We certainly would! In supporting the ICONATION event ( 20-23 Ocrober) , Binus faculty of Humanities were thrilled to present the first talk show that involve experts from seven departments under the faculty, namely, English, Chinese, Japanese, International Relations, Business Law, Psychology, and PGSD departments on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014.

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The talk show was attended by groups of students and lecturers from seven departments who packed the  9th floor of 200sh capacity room . Some even had to sit on the floor, not wanting to miss a talk show titled “Binus Humaniora: Implementing Humanity values for Indonesia”.


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Acting as moderator of the talk show was Almodad Biduk Asmani, the Section Head of Language Center. Almo started the talk show lively and quickly grabbed  the audience as he interactively introduced the 7 speakers :   Tirta N. Mursitama, Ph.D , Besar, SH, MH , Dr. Johannes A.A.. Rumeser, M.Psi , Prof. Sheddy N. Tjandra, MA , Prof. Abdullah Dahana, Ph.D, Wishnoebroto, S.Pd., M.Hum.,MA and  Jimmy Sapoetra, S.S.,M.Pd.

The Speakers
The Speakers

The speakers were given 10 minutes to deliver their perspectives on issues like Indonesia’s geopolitics, international education, leadership and cross cultural understandings and lessons that Indonesians would be able to learn from other countries’ experiences and practices. The talk show sparked discussions and questions from fellow audiences. Unfortunately, restricted with time, Almodad had to end the session.

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We were all very pleased with the workshop and look forward to having more of the similar  interdisciplinary discussions. Juneman, one of Psychology department lecturers, clearly spoke of our thoughts on the idea.