Akun and Wiwik were meeting a small group of English department graduates  in a mall in the West Jakarta area. The lunch-time reunion provided an opportunity for the-  once – students, to share stories of their life as students and paths they have taken after graduating from the English department.

Reuni_akun & Wiwik

On the occasion, the alumni also shared the kind of jobs that they currently have and how their English skills have helped them in their careers. It did not come as  a surprise that many of these alumni are now working at the managerial level in the industries like Mining, Trade, IT , Freight Forwarding and Education. These  alumni expect to have more of the opportunities to meet up with other friends. Some even mentioned the ideas of having Professional Development workshops that relate with their current jobs on their wish list.

Akun and Wiwik, representing English department, expect that everybody will join our alumni gala dinner in November (IR).