Binus University takes the Employ-ability and the Entrepreneurial Skills  (E.E.S) of their students seriously. Before it is  passed on  to students in the forms of topics and courses, the concept is previously studied and developed by a group of  Binus scholars. When it’s ready, the information sessions are then  created for lecturers who would be the deliverer of the EES – embedded courses.

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Irfan Rifai and Comi Aziz attended one of those EES session prepared by the Binus Corporate Learning Directorate ( BCLD)  on Saturday, September 27. On the day, the session covered three main issues: Communication skills in the classroom, Teamwork Skills and Critical Thinking skills.  According Andreas Chang, BINUS Vice Rector III (Students Affairs) , recent researches have shown that the three skills are the three most sought-after skills in the professional world.

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Melania Wiannastiti of Language Center was the first to deliver her sharing session on improving students” communicating skills and followed by Petrus Lakonawa of SCDC, who talked about creating teamwork experience in the classrooms. The one-day session was ended by the vice Rector III, Andreas Chang, who shared and stressed the importance of training students with critical thinking skills. Andreas also demonstrated how the idea can be implemented in the classroom settings.

English department encourages all of its lecturers to involve  the required  skills in their teaching to ensure that all of  English department  students  have what it takes to compete in a global world.