Memoir of the Night

by Aleksander Kristian

A 3rd semester student of English department 

“Memoir Of The Night” is an event held by HIMSI our English department organization. This event is also called “Makrab” in Indonesia. This is the very first official gathering that was held by English department students’ Association, HIMSI. Our gathering attended by  English department students from Binus. The days of the gathering were from 16-17 September 2014. The location of this gathering Anyer beach. In my opinion, it s one of  most valuable memories that we have.

makrab 2
On the first day, all of the guests came with air conditioned buses. As soon as we arrived at the location, we immediately saw  the beautiful, vast  ocean laid before our very eyes. The ocean was clean and  free of trash. On the beach there were  also a lot of facilities  such as a volley net, boats and stands that sell drinks and snacks. We stayed at 7 cottages that we booked from months ago. The cottages were fully furnished and each has their own kitchen,  bathroom, and 2 bedrooms.

Before returning home
Before returning home

In the afternoon, the first thing that we did was having lunch at the cafeteria. Then, we played a lot of games that had been structured by the committee and also games that originally from the beach such as banana boat. At night we had a BBQ, a bon fire, and the most important thing was  that we shared about anything with each other. The topics ranged from our opinions about the gathering to personal experience, and many more. While we were there, we had a lot of free times. So all of us could know each other better or even made some new friends. In the free time, we took a lot of photos;  photos of us playing games, playing with the ocean waves, and had fun together.
On next day morning, after we had breakfast, we were given a nice T-shirt that represents our very first gathering from English department. All of us must wore the T-shirt and took a photo together. After that, we packed our stuff and put them in the bus. Then, we headed home.
Even though we were really tired, we were very happy that the event was a success because the main point of us having this event is to proof that every English department student is a one big happy family