The first 1st joint international Conference on Humanities  happened on September 1st, 2014.  Some international and domestic speakers attended and shared their papers and research- based findings in both panel and parallel  sessions. Taking ASEAN as one underlying theme, the seminar was coordinated by five department in the faculty of humanities, i.e. English department, Japanese department, Chinese department ( International Conference on Language and Culture) , Psychology ( International Conference on Computer and Psychology)  and International Relations ( ICoBIRD) departments.

ICLC 2014 002

Acting as the MC for the opening ceremony, one of our lecturers, David Michael Bourne brought forward the background and the reasons that the conference was held. The head of International Relations then took over the stage and led the panel sessions that involved experts of various disciplines that talked about ASEAN from their perspectives. It was a rich and informative session.

ICLC 2014 007

As the panel session was over, the participants of the seminar  was then led to the three seminars, namely, ICLC ( English, Japanes and Chines departments), ICOP ( Psychology department)  and ICOBIRD ( International Relations department).


ICLC 2014 011

The panelists and heads of departments in the faculty of Humanities.

ICLC 2014 017

The key note speaker for ICLC : Dr. Christine Manara of Thailand.

ICLC 2014 034

Irfan Rifai and Wiwik Andreani took a pcture with a fellow speaker before giving their presentation.


ICLC 2014 040

Akun was presenting his paper on Marshanda’s poems case: The unspoken.

ICLC 2014 045

Dr. Ienneke I. Dewi shared  her research-based paper on online learning.

ICLC 2014 050