Binus Two – Week Academic Orientation, started on September 8,  was  ended on Friday, September 19, 2014 with a bang. For the new family members of English department, it has been two weeks full of fun and challenging activities.

Academic Orientation 2014 009

On the first days of the week, students were introduced to the curriculum, the personnel and the system of learning at our department. The objective was clear: we want our new students to be fully familiar with the curriculum and the  learning system  so they can easily adjust to life and habits in university. Like our regular classes, the Academic Orientation weeks were designed in various settings.  Our lecturers; Abdul Aziz Turhan Kariko,  David Bourne, Ayu paramita, Akun, Wiwik Andreani, Dr. Clara Herlina , Menik Winiharti, Wishnoebroto, Almodad Biduk Asmani, Melania Wiannastiti & Agnes herawati,   were all keen to share their expertise  in the class designs they were all familiar with.

Academic Or

One of the things that students did in their Academic Orientation week was visiting Teater Salihara. Unfortunately, no music or theatrical event were scheduled on the week. Not wanting to miss out on the previous events, Mr. Aziz Comi asked the manager of the venue to show them around the place and watch past-taped cultural events happening in the place. Students seemed enthusiastic and expressed their admiration of the shows.


Students were also given the opportunity of meeting our alumni who came, shared and inspired their juniors by narrating their life story after graduations and the jobs they were all variously taking as English department graduates. We would like to thank Novenia, Christy, Rino and Alex for taking some time to share.


In the end, we would like to welcome our new family members and we hope that Monday, September 22nd, 2014 is going to be your first stride to achieve a bright future with us.