Something Special only in Indonesia, even Indonesians can’t recognize -My Precious Binusians!

By Yongjin Lee ( Daisy )

Back in my hometown
Back in my hometown

It’s been over a month already since I left Jakarta. Even over a month, I still have vivid memories in Jakarta like it was yesterday. I miss the Ajen that made me woke up early morning during the first few days in Jakarta, BS staffs, Shuttle bus on which students sit on the floor not the chair, traffic jam, ojek, classmates, faculties, sunset, and every things! I was afraid I can’t write long, but now I’m afraid I can’t tell everything because it’s too many! haha. So, I want to share 3 good things and 3 bad things based on my experience. Are you ready to get in?
1. Gooooood!
Dynamic Class Atmosphere. Unlike most Korean universities, the class atmosphere in Binus University is so friendly and free that we can participate easily. The lecturers know most of their students’ name. It was really impressive to me. Especially, some lecturers cared me a lot; for example, the lecturer Irfan punished the students who used Bahasa in front of me haha.
Shy but Kind Indonesians. Most of Indonesians, including classmates ;), are shy to speak English. It doesn’t mean they don’t like to talk with. Whenever I was in trouble, they didn’t hesitate to help me. It might be annoying sometimes, but they tried to solve my problem as if it was theirs; they paid my charge instead of me to protect me from not taking exams. At the farewell, a few of my Indonesian friends gave me presents 🙂
Awesome Foods! Wow. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part! I was addicted to Indonesian food. It takes about one month to adjust to being back in Korean food. At first in the flight to Jakarta, I couldn’t eat the Indonesian in-flight meal. When I came back to Korea, I brought Sambal and Indo-mie a lot! I don’t think if many of Indonesian aware of this, the eggs are the best in the world (it’s just my opinion haha) You guys are lucky with the world best eggs !!!


My English Department friends and I
My English Department friends and I

2. Baaaad :’(
Can’t walk on the street. Especially near Binus, it’s hard to jalan-jalan. So I used to walk around Binus Square only under the fencehaha. Whenever I walk around, most of Indonesians looked at me in wonder. It’s a kind of cultural differences, I think.
Ummmmmm…. That’s all for bad thing. I want to write two more, but hard to find 😀 Instead of it, I can write good things over 2 million more 😉
Going Binus University becomes a turning point in my life.I’m trying to change a more diligent student like Binusian students. Also, I can learn and understand variety of people. I become a more broaden person than before. Thanks for giving me this unforgettable experience with precious people.

Happy Korean group in Binus Square
Happy Korean group in Binus Square

Additionally, as many of you know, I got a boyfriend there. We have been dating for over 3 months. Having a boyfriend abroad is special. We’ve been to Jok-jakarta, Sumatera jungle, Volcanoes and more. We dated multinational; Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Thank Binus to give me a chance to catch a nice guy 😉

* Daisy was an exchange student spending 1 semester in English department, Binus University.