Meredita Dyah Kristianti and Devina, two of our 6th semester students, had a rewarding experience when taking part in anti – corruption forum initiated  by UNODC : United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. It was a 4 day forum  which started on June 9 and ended on June 12. The forum was opened in presidential palace by our president, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,  and then it continued in Double Tree Hotel, Cikini.

Mereditha and Devina among Business Law students and UNODC representatives
Mereditha and Devina among Binus Business Law students and UNODC representatives

The forum was attended by some important figures. Among them were, Abraham Samad, the chief of KPK; Mr. Marco Kusumawijaya, an urbanist ; Mr. Bambang Harymurti, the tempo chief editor,  and many more. Meredita and Devina felt very privileged to  have the opportunity of attending such forum and meeting such caliber of figures. “It was a great forum. I got to hear different people’s experiences and perspectives on corruption happening in our country,” said Devina. “It was a cool and it was very open forum. It seemed to me that all invitees had these things to say about corruption and how we, as a nation, should find ways to eradicate it,” added Meredita.

In the forum, both Mere and Devina were given the responsibility of taking notes and making post- forum report. “How we have learned a lot!,”  claimed Mere and Devina. We would like to thank UNODC and Binus Business Law department for having our students  involved in such an important event.