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International Day 2014 : Get Culturalized!

To learn a foreign language is to understand the culture of the target language. And what is the best way to understand one’s culture other than to experience it? With that spirit, the 2nd semester and the 4th semester students of English department  created an event called International Day 2014.

Tickets, anyone?
Tickets, anyone?

To make it more interesting, our students produced tickets for participants to try some cultural activities, to win games and to answer quizzes in the theaters . Any participants who did all the activities would win some interesting prizes. Here are some of the fun and activities that our camera has captured.

In a competitive Croquet game : Adi and Mr. Akun
In a competitive Croquet game : Adi and Mr. Akun

Croquet is  a British – origin game whose objective is to hit balls through a series of shaped wires  (hoops or  wickets) , which are stuck into the ground. The game is usually played by two until six players.  Our very own Mr. Akun was having a good time playing a one on one with Adi.

The Australian Football Team
The Australian Football Team

Participants of the event was also made to see a group of 4th semester students demonstrating Australian Rules Football ( Aussie Footie). As we could not find 18 male students for each team ( as the rule requires), some 16 students  voluntarily demonstrated the game in the heat of Kijang Futsal court. “Heat? What heat?”, responded students as they bounced and passed the ball.

Dot Painting Booth
Dot Painting Booth

Participants interested in art had their share of joy too. A group of 4th semester students showed the techniques in making an Australian form of painting: Dot Painting. Participants eagerly asked questions and tried to produce their own paintings.


Toss the ball team
Toss the ball team

In the open area not faraway from the croquet game, Adi and friends also offered another traditional British game : Toss the ball. The objective of the game was to knock down a structure of cans. Throwers have to stand a few meters a way from the cans.

Ready to serve the Food ; Australian or British taste?
Ready to serve the Food : Australian or British taste?

A culture festival can only be more glorious with foods around. For that purpose, students served the likes of Lemington cake , Vegemite, Sandwiches , Baked Potatoes and many more . Even before you enter our theaters, pop corns were served for your convenience of watching selected Australian or British movies.

Free pop corn for Brit Cinema
Free pop corn for Brit Cinema

When participants were full and needed more entertainment, our students provided a race that many participants were , initially,  reluctant to join.  What you see here is an arena for cockroach race.

Cockroach Race, anyone?
Cockroach Race, anyone?

To participants who needed to be challenged, Chess corner was the place. Our Ms. Jessica was in a duel with Frans from this picture. Who had won? Frans said that he had to lose it for Ms. Jessie. 🙂

Chess corner
Chess corner

Other than the booths and games, we have also stage for performers. Some students performed music. This group of students produced a very creative aboriginal dance. The picture was taken after their performance.

Aboriginal Tribe Dancers before the show
Aboriginal Tribe Dancers after the show

The event was closed with performance from the band that we have waited for hours. Supported by guitar and a bass player, we wonder how Dio still managed to enchant us.

Our Favorite bandOur Favorite band

Just before everyone left, we made sure that the memory would go with them.  We didn’t try hard to convince them to have  a free photo booth session. ” Say Cheese!”

Photo booth
Dennis and the photo booth

We wish to thank HIMSI and ALL the 2nd and 4th semester students for having participated in the event. Hopefully, we can create something bigger next time around. Proud of you guys!

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