May 17 was the day English Department’s drama club had their 9th production.  Unlike previous productions, this year’s production showcased  students’ full potential in script writing, directing and  in the whole set preparation and setting.

Denny and Nindy
Denny and Nindy

On the day that the Kijang Hall was turned into a decorated stage, excited family,  friends, and invited audiences were waiting curiously  for the curtain to open. And at 4.30 pm, it finally did.

Aldo and Amelia
Aldo and Amelia : A love lost and found in heaven

Aldo, the former president of the club, was  the first character of the story to appear on the stage  and followed by his three best friends: Amelia, Denny and Zaldi. The story started from there: four friends trapped in  conflicts, of love and hate, but with a promise to stay true till the end.

The story was built in an easy to enjoy flow. A circle of BFF graduated from college, pursued their dreams and some, found inescapable conflicts. Love, of course, was the core of the story. ARM, the playwright and the  director, did her best to present a Japanese setting where Cherry Blossoms were falling from the air, marking the end of the play.

* for a complete story of the play and script please contact ARM and English department.

The Playwright and The Director                                                                  ARM, The Playwright and The Director

English department wishes to congratulate on the success of  Drama Club’s 9th production. We hope to see some more remarkable productions in the future.

The Team
Post Production photo