One of our lecturers, Mr. Andrea K. Iskandar, is happy to share with us his involvement as a presenter in an international conference in South Korea named APAIE ( Asia-Pacific Association for International Education). The following is an interview between us and Mr. Iskandar.

 What is the name of the conference? What is the conference is about?

 APAIE Conference and Exhibition 2014. This year’s topic: “Enhancing Cross-Border Education Cooperation with Universities in Asia-Pacific: From Past to Present and the Future”.


Mr. Andrea K. Iskandar
Mr. Andrea K. Iskandar

Is it held annually? This year, when was it held?  How many countries took part in this conference?

        Yes, it’s an annual event.  17-20 March 2014. Asia-Pacific Association for International Education, in Seoul, South Korea.

3.   Mr. Iskandar's presentation slide

Mr. Iskandar’s presentation slide


hy    The conference was attended by more than 1,000 persons, from Higher Education Institutions and HEI-related institutions all around the world. They come from various countries e.g. Nigeria, Singapore, U.S., Finland and many more. I was presenting my paper on  on “Challenges and Opportunities in internationalizing Student Learning in Indonesia”.             


         What did you learn from the conference? What is your future expectation?

There were lots of sessions during which institutions from all around the world share their practice. BINUS is one of the most forward looking that we aim to go global. The challenges we face aren’t unique to our condition, but we have a strong drive to overcome the barriers that lie ahead. It’s good to be exposed and be known globally, planting seeds for future cooperation.We need to come up with creative solutions to truly go global, but we’re not alone in this, it’s good to network and learn from each other. In HEI, unlike in companies, we actually strive together for humanity’s common good.