On Wednesday, February 26 we had a guest from Finland or often called as   ‘ Land of the Midnight Sun’ . Desi Suvi Emilia Seppala, of a Finnish father and an Indonesian mother,  shared about  Finland’s education system and how it feels to be a student  in the country whose  PISA rank has been on top 10 ( Students’ Assessment on Science, Maths, and Reading made by  PISA – Program for International Student Assessment ) in the past few years.

Dewi, among Teaching stream students, when making presentation on Finland's Education System
Desi, among Teaching stream students, when making presentation on Finland’s Education System

 English department students were enthusiastic to learn about the history, the system and the personal views of Finland educational system that was shared in a relaxing atmosphere. Questions were flowing and Desi was showing similar enthusiasm in answering the questions : even when she was occasionally blushed by some of the questions.

Let's wrap up, let's take a picture
Let’s wrap up, let’s take a picture

The hour seemed to fly when it was time to say goodbye. We would like to thank Desi for sharing her experience and knowledge and  Miss Melanie for inviting her to our classes.

Kunnes tapaamme jälleen, Desi! Kiitos paljo!