Hi there English Department!

Before I went to the short course program called Integrated English & Cultural Understanding program 2013 in New Zealand, my motivations were simple, namely, testing my independence and runaway education holiday. Because it was my first overseas study and it was on holiday. But when I experienced the trip for four weeks, I mesmerized the cultural enrichment I got there. 

I have now understood the different point of view of the way people see things based on their background. Although the majority of people come from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the language class, I still got the exchange of culture of each different culture. Also I have forced myself to understand their dialects of speaking English to speak to them and the confidence which is necessary for me to speak.


amidst the green green grass of Zew Zealand countryside
Amidst the green green grass of New Zealand countryside

I learned that it is okay to make mistakes because you will learn from the mistakes you made. I also learned that if you got the guts to speak, you are going to survive there, or anywhere. If you really want to test your independence and improve your English skills, especially colloquial speaking, listening and cultural enrichment, this is the right spot to get in.

* Written by Stefan Mahatani

An English department student taking a  four-week language and culture program in New Zealand during summer break.