Studying English Literature at Binus University had been so fun and exciting for me. It’s so memorable that I can still remember my thesis defense on February 18th, 2011 when I felt so relieved and happy! Then I was busy revising and working on the hardcover of my thesis, plus English department asked the fast-trackers to participate in DIKTI’s scientific writing competition.

Hedwig as a student : Library and Classes only?
Hedwig as a student : Library and Classes only?

After accomplishing all my academic duties, I found a job vacancy posted on HIMSI’s old Facebook page. It’s said that FremantleMedia was looking for an English–Indonesian translator so I applied and immediately got invited for interview. The process went fast (only one week since I applied) and exactly one month after my thesis defense, on March 18th, 2011 was my first day working.

Apparently, campus means so much more than classes and library. It's her picture and friends reciting poems in an event
Apparently, campus means so much more than classes and library. It’s her picture and friends reciting poems in an event

I am proud to work for this company. FremantleMedia is a production house which has production operations in over 22 countries worldwide. The main office is in UK. My daily duty is translating documents from English to Indonesian and vice versa; any kind of documents such as script, rundown, agreement, module, etc. Sometimes when we have guests from UK or Australia, I will accompany them and interpret for them, too. This job allows me to practice my English every day, enriching my vocabulary and of course improving my grammar.

A day I will never forget
A day I will never forget

I find this job is pretty challenging, too. Sometimes there are some documents that need to be translated really fast and in a tight deadline. I really practice what I had learned in university, to work under pressure and manage my time well. Therefore I would like to suggest my juniors to be actively involved in organization. We learn academic things in classroom, but we shape our soft skills in student association. Mastering one of them is great (either we are academically smart or undoubtedly proactive) but both of them will make an extraordinary combo, right?

My colleagues and I  : NOW
My colleagues and I : Can you spot me?

Not forget to say, those two things support each other, believe me. You will have better skill in organization by learning well in class (e.g. public speaking and analytical skill), and you will be successful in academic achievement by practicing what you get in organization (e.g. leadership, time management, emotional intelligence, etc). So, study well, learn well. Always do the best and God will do the rest.

good time
good time…